“Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody”
— Jane Jacobs

My philosophy is that urban interventions can cure cities much like doctors do to individuals. During this treatment I prefer mild acupuncture over complicated surgery. In my work I seek for simple and effective measures that can work as stepping stones for larger ideas. Not only thinking about the design but also drawing out the process how to get there is important.

My solutions come in multidisciplinary forms. This is why I enjoy teamwork with those that have different backgrounds. To continue with the medical metaphor, complex diseases can’t be treated by one doctor but need to be cared for by multiple specialists. I don’t consider myself a urban specialist in one field, but a general practitioner or family doctor who helps people directly. In all cases listening to the patient is most important.

My ideas are socially inclusive. I like to use local knowledge to develop and realize designs with the cooperation of local stakeholders. In my plans there is always a role for empowered residents or local business owners for example. This is why I consider myself an urban co-designer.