Mix & Match toolkit

Toolkit for child friendly public spaces

This toolbox is part of the child friendly urban design research found elsewhere on this website. The book summarises possible interventions that were found during the research how to make public spaces more inviting and accessible for children.

In total 30 components are reviewed on the micro (the smallest type of intervention, like the street), meso (interventions that are in-between scale levels, such as the neighborhood or the district) and macro scales (the largest and most complex intervention on the level of the city. Components are categorized along 10 major themes such as, contact with nature, reclaiming public space, and safer streets. Various sub-categories are used to describe the components in more detail and also indicate that interventions are compatible with each other and that one intervention can cover multiple policy agendas.

Examples of components from the toolbox

Two publications were realized from this research. See the other one here

Team: Sukanya Krishnamurthy, Chris Steenhuis, Daniek Reijnders
Location: Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Date: August 2017
Support: Bernard van Leer Foundation