Alles kids?!

A strategy to make Carnisse more accessible for children

Student project for the minor Urban Design ‘Ontwerp- en Onderzoeksatelier Transformatiestrategieën voor Verouderde Stadswijken’ (BK7264). For this course we worked in small interdisciplinary groups on transformation strategies for post-war redevelopment neighborhoods in Rotterdam-Zuid.

For this assignment the neighborhood of Carnisse was analyzed. Particularly lacking in this neighborhood was lack of kids in the street, although on paper they were there. The neighborhood has little room for kids. In the new strategy they were taken as the focal point of the design. Multiple different scenario’s were developed for a redesign of the street and larger framework was presented to connect the different facilities for children.
3 stuks

Three different scenario’s were developed as a toolbox for the whole neighborhood. Two variables were considered: the physical space available (width of the street) and on the other hand the expected amount of participation of the residents (high or low).photoshop_brede_straat

Photoshop done by Mart Reiling

This resulted in three different designs, each with the same purpose: to bring kids out on the street, meet their neighbors and play. The design was well received both by the university and community groups involved in the neighborhood.

Team: Timo Broersen, Mart Reiling, Peter Steehouder, Chris Steenhuis
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Date: November 2012
Project type: Bachelor project

Institute: Delft University of Technology